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HAI GUIS :D I thought that it was about time I made a follow forever- to thank everyone, I guess, and being able to reach the number of followers I would never expected to have today. :3 So thank you all for making my 4 months on this blog amazing uwu, y’all are fab people ^^ I’M REALLY REALLY SORRY IF I MISS YOUR NAME or misspell your URL or if you changed your URL hngggg… this had been in my draft for more than a week or two already so if i newly follow you, or if you changed your URL, then I mighta missed it D: SORRRYYY >w< 

But even if you’re not in here and you follow me, you’re still amazing okay? okay~ (also apologies for the bad editing but it’s aomine and aomine is a qtpie no matter how bad my edits are xD)

Okok here goes nothing~ If your name is bolded, it means that your blog is especially pretty (everyone I follow have amazing blogs anyways) and one of my favourites, and if it is in italics, it means that we’re friends or that you’re a realz nice person (hardly any of those cos i dont really know many people here :3) ~ 

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I should probably mention that I have been and will continue to be on semi-hiatus until my Finals are over. I will answer my asks and fill my queue as I have been doing so for the last several days so yea!

I hope you guys have a fantastic week! I’ll be back on May 4th and hopefully I will watch new anime and practice on making graphics in the summer! c:

Until you realize you’re both teammates, you won’t be participating in this club!!

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"I try to hear, lend my ear,
Voices inside,
One link to join it all again.”

- Out of Control // Psycho-Pass ED2

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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club countdown until next season!!  132/??? (✿◕‿◕✿)


Some call love a curse, some call love a thief, but she’s my home (x)

For Jaime. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Aomine Daiki in “The Zone”


Taiga and Tatsuya eating hotdogs - from Replace III


2/? OTPs → rinharu

#i could hear aomine crying deep inside

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Yukine  ||  雪音 .

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Basketball is a general sport.. The influence one player has
is pretty big. Dramatically said, it’s fine to have 5 scorers. But
humans have strong and weak points, that’s why there are
different positions. The sixth player is a specialist.

Rei catches up!

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